Positive Psychology Tools and Methods

There are many strategies, tools and methods that can be practiced to bring greater happiness to your life and the lives of others sharing your environment.  In positive psychology coaching we rely on those researched and developed scientifically and designed to help you enjoy more pleasure and greater meaning and purpose as you achieve your goals.  Some of the methods used in positive psychology coaching help you:  identify your signature strengths, apply (and not overuse) your strengths to achieve your goals, feel and express your gratitude, appreciate the good, become more aware of yourself and your environment, realize that hardship is temporary, let go of perfectionism and give yourself permission to be human.

In coaching sessions, we will use the methods that work best for you, individually—not a one size fits all —  to be happy in your retirement, at home, at work, and in your social life.  Positive psychology coaching can help you in your relationship as a parent, an adult child, a spouse or partner, a coworker (peer, boss), a member of your community.

It is most important to know and understand yourself in good and bad times, what realistic expectations you have for yourself and others and that your actions and reactions are appropriate for the situation.

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