How Coaching Works



  • About your goal—we discuss your goal and make certain we have a clear Barb-Harmon11understanding about what you wish to achieve in your career, retirement, or relationship.
  • Believe in your strengths—we use scientific tools to uncover your strengths some of which you have not yet realized.
  • Create a step-by-step plan to accomplish your goal within a time frame developed in full consideration of your obligations to other roles in your life.


baby-516021_1280Some transitions continue to present challenges so much so that we can get stuck at the mere thought of stepping through the one in front of us now.  This can happen to us whether we have chosen to make a change or the transition has been thrust upon us.

I would guess that you, most likely, don’t remember your moment of birth. However, it was your first transition. In fact, the word transition was probably spoken in the delivery room meaning you, the infant, were one beat away from your first breath here on earth. When you stop for a moment and think about it you can probably recall several more transitions you have navigated in your life so far.  Nevertheless, some transitions in life are more complicated and feel more overwhelming than others and that can cause us to get stuck where we are.  Those are the transitions I can help you through to reach greater HAPPINESS in your life.

I will guide and support you through the various steps of transition using evidence-based tools and methods that are based upon your strengths and designed to be pleasurable and energizing. Together we will get you to where you want to be.


According to Dr. Martin Seligman, considered to be the father of Positive Psychology, science has illuminated three components of happiness:

  • Positive emotions,
  • Meaning, and
  • Purpose

In 1998, Dr. Seligman, President of the American Psychologists Association proposed that although western psychology had made incredible strides in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses and examining what was not working well in people’s lives, science had not shed light on what’s working well.  Are some people really happier than others? Is happiness in the genes or learned; i.e., if you don’t have it, can you get it?  And many, many more questions impacting our wellbeing from cradle to grave needed to be studied.

Since that time numerous scientific studies have been completed and the results published in books, medical journals, articles, and the news media.  Science has provided tools and methods to help us identify our strengths and use them in ways to bring greater positive emotions, meaning and purpose to our lives.   That is the work of Positive Psychology coaching.


Goals are quite important in creating happiness. In fact, I would say goals are essential to us feeling we are living a life of purpose and meaning.  However, sometimes we know only that we want something in our lives to end and we don’t see how we can begin again.  New beginnings, the unknown, can be very challenging so sometimes we stay with what we know, in the situation we would really rather end.

If you want to start anew, I can help you envision your goal, go in your chosen direction based upon your natural strengths, talents and abilities to create greater happiness for yourself and others in your life.  We will design a plan together considering your continuing obligations and responsibilities. I will support you in trusting your decisions and building your resilience as we replace limiting labels with energizing actions.

Whether you want to retire, change your career or a relationship, or you want to change how you think and feel about yourself and others, I will help you achieve your goal.     

Choice and Change

Finding Shoes That Fit:

Remember the old cliché, “If the shoe fits . . . “? I’ll bet you completed that sentence without another conscious thought.  But, what if the shoe doesn’t fit? You’ve outgrown it, or it never really fit well in the first place. It’s pinching now and leaves no room for growth, expansion or new style. Who can walk tall while their feet are burning and blistering?  And your feet are the first part of you to cross new thresholds and traverse the winding passages of life.

If you need a change, whether it’s in your career, entering or re-entering the work force, planning to retire, in a relationship or just want to know what shoe fits you, I would be happy to help you.

So. . . let’s stand up, kick off those shoes and get started.