Let's explore the benefits of the mind-body connection.

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I will help you navigate the negatives and enjoy fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

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I am dedicated to guiding you to greater harmony and happiness in your life.

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Learn how positive psychology coaching can help you flourish and achieve lasting happiness in your life

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Retirement & Career




You Deserve Harman-y and Happiness

If you are looking for the Career you’ve wished for, the Retirement you’ve worked for, or greater harmony and happiness in your Relationships, you don’t have to do it by yourself. I can help you.

Changes in these major aspects of your life can be very difficult to get through for many practical and personal reasons.  Lots of questions  pop up in your mind and the “what ifs” can be overwhelming.   As a client once told me, “It can feel like you’re trying to fit puzzle pieces together with no picture on the box.”  And you can get “stuck” where you are — not feeling very positive about it all.

I will help you identify and use your Strengths to move on, get to where you want to be, and flourish in your life.  I am a certified Positivity Psychology Life Coach. I have built my own careers, retired and started over successfully three times. I’ve had more than 20 years experience in directing national Retirement programs, 11 years as a certified yoga teacher and for several years now have been a Life Coach.  I love helping others feel happier as they put their life’s puzzle pieces together. It’s when I am my best self, most content and fulfilled.  I will help you bring those same benefits to your life.

Please contact me and we will begin to form your picture on the box.


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