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Are We Happier and Healthier?

For many years traditional psychology has asked the question of “what’s wrong” in relationships. What’s wrong in marriages, families, between friends, at schools and in the workplaces?   Thousands of experiments and analyses have been conducted around the world to answer that question with the idea that traditional psychology could help us avoid or resolve relationship problems.  Although psychology researchers learned what had gone wrong in many cases, the divorce rate continued to increase and other relationships in families, the workplace, schools and communities declined significantly.

Positive Psychology Coaching Asks Different Questions

Retirement Coaching and Career Coaching Baltimore MarylandOn the other hand, Positive Psychology has asked the question of “what’s right, what’s works well” in successful and happy relationships of all kinds and again many, many studies and experiments have been conducted.  Fortunately, through this scientific research positive psychologists have identified what works for participants to be happier in relationships. And, based on the scientific evidence, the positive psychologists have developed tools and methods to help us be happier and healthier in relationships.

      The important factor is this:

“Traditional Psychology Describes…
Positive Psychology Prescribes”

If you are in a relationship that is causing you (and others) to be unhappy, as a positive psychology coach I will help you. I will guide and support you as you weigh your options and make healthy choices to accentuate the positives, navigate the negatives and enjoy fulfilling and meaningful relationships.